The Dogs of Montagna del Mare


LK Fendi at Montagna del Mare was born in July 2011 and is the granddaughter of Contessa. She is a sweet brown roan and white young lady, and she runs like the wind. She has beautiful angulation and a strong and rangy body type that screams performance dog. Like so many notice, it is the eyes of the Lagotto that grab you, and Fendi's are no exception. Light golden in color with long, curly eyelashes, and yes, she knows how to "bat" them. Her temperament is sweet and loving, yet she is very independent and likes to do her own thing if you let her. She has settled in to her adult temperament and is the matriarch of the pack. She is a great watchdog and watches out for the others. Fendi has become Therese's shadow and is generally found on her lap or at her feet. Fendi has had three lovely litters and we look forward to what her fourth will bring.


Nostyffelns Pancetta (call name "Chetta") came to us late December 2011 from Sweden at eight weeks of age. She is considered an "orange" color, which is a reddish tan pigment that you can see in the undercoat and especially about the ears. We jokingly call her "pigpen" as she loves to get dirty. She is brave, curious and a very vocal girl. She loves everything and everyone. If there was one word to describe her, that word would be "exuberant." She is on the small side of the breed standard, but a lovely size, with gorgeous structure. Her little nose is as soft as it can be, and when she gives you a hard look, your heart will melt. She produced four wonderful puppies in November 2014 and another four in July 2015. She is an amazing mother and when Fendi is not looking will sneak in and nurse hers as well. She is a true caretaker of all the dogs as well as humans, and the mother of Clarice.


Montagna del Mare LK Clarice is our new girl from Pancetta's November 2014 litter. Her call name is CeCe, which stands for "carbon copy" of her mother Pancetta. She is a lively and brave girl and really smart. She is developing into an absolutely beautiful girl and has very nice structure. Like her mother, she loves everything and everyone and is very cleaver with her problem-solving abilities (meaning she can get into everything). As she has matured, she is developing the same sweet and kind nature of her mother and is happiest when sitting on your lap. Watch it though; she is a real kisser and will get you when you aren't looking. She has begun her show career and will continue to do so as time allows. We hope to breed her this fall and think she will be a great momma.


Il Granaio dei Malatesta Marco is our new arrival from Italy and comes from wonderful lines there. He was born in September 2014. He is sweet, loving and is crazy about water. His kiddie pool is a favorite spot as he likes to just jump in and lie down to cool off. He is best friends with Clarice and pool buddies with Faythe, and the three of them run and play constantly. When he runs, he just glides, and boy, can he ever jump! He has nice conformation and angulation. He has instantly become Therese's little shadow. He is cream and orange in color and will be part of our breeding program in the future.



Montagna del Mare Faythe is Fendi's daughter and was born in July 2015. She is brown and white and such a funny little girl. To her, like is a party and there is no time to do anything else. She loves Clarice and they are totally joined at the hip, never being too far from each other. When Clarice is not around, then she loves to pick on Marco and visa versa. They are really funny to watch. She is very sweet and impish at the same time. A very curious girl, she took to her kiddie pool as soon as it was filling with water and thinks on hot days, it is the best thing ever. She went to her first dog show this past winter and did very well, earning third place in the sporting "baby dog" group. She will not be old enough to breed until summer 2017.

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