The Dogs of Montagna del Mare - Retired


Romakome Lieto Guido, a name that means "Happy Guide," is a dog that lives up to his name. He is a 32-pound male, happy and carefree, and came to us in June 2005 from the Netherlands. He has wonderful movement and is an IABCA (International All-Breed Canine Association) Champion. Guido sired two lovely litters, but as he turned 10 in April 2015, it was time for him to retire and just enjoy life as a happy pet dog.


Altinieri Contessa is a lovely girl with gorgeous eyes that reach to your soul. She is sweet, calm and so very loving of all. She is cream with a tinge of orange in her coat. Patient with puppies, whether hers or not, she is the epitome of what you would want in a dog. Originally from Italy, she came to us from Lagotto Kennels in Canada in September 2011 at four years of age, along with her granddaughter Fendi. Tess is now retired from the breeding program, but she is staying with us as she is just the best "Auntie" to the other dogs, and a great teacher. She goes to many "Meet and Greet" events as she is a wonderful ambassador of the Lagotto breed.


Il Granaio dei Malatesta Armando (call name is "Tank") is a wonderful example of the breed and has a very special personality. Sweet and loving, he even hugs when you ask him for one. Tank now lives in Canada with one of the puppies from the Guido and Contessa breeding and enjoying life. His new owner is hoping to work with him on truffle training and tells me that he show signs of great promise there.

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